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When to batch API requests

You should consider batching your API requests when the output begins to exceed 100,000 rows or your server doesnt have enough resources to handle the output.

Configuring Batched API requests

In order to batch your API report output, you will need to utilize the 'offset' and 'limit' properties.  Offset determines the number of records into the full data set that will be the first record returned in your report's output.  Limit determines the maximum number of records that can be returned in your report's output.  Together they can be used to pull a large data set in manageable batches. 


If the full output has 300,000 rows, instead of trying to pull the full output via the request below, it can be requested in 100,000 row batches.


To request the output in batches of 100,000 records:

Request 1


Request 2


Request 3



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