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What are Entity Limits?

LKQD Platform accounts have the flexibility to fit the needs of nearly any business (agencies, publishers, media companies, small businesses).  To keep the platform running efficiently for thousands of self-service accounts and protect against inappropriate use, LKQD account have limits on the number of unarchived entities within an account.  These limits are set at a number that will be non-preventative for most businesses. Should you approach or reach a limit, here is what you need to know.

Where are Account Entity Limitations applicable?

There are entity limitations preventing excessive creation of: Supply Partners, Supply Sources, Demand Partners, Demand Deals, Demand Tags, and Restriction Lists.

How will I know if I am close to my limit?

A message will display letting you know when you are close to reaching your Entity Limit and finally when you are over your Entity Limit.

What do I do if I reach my Entity Limit?

If you are nearing the entity limit or reach it, you can create room for more entities by archiving old deals, tags, sources, partners, or lists that are currently in 'active' status.  If you have a special use case that requires an increase in your Entity Limit, please contact your account manager.
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