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All macros should be enclosed in $$ and $$.  Example:  $$useragent$$

aidAdvertiser ID (device identifier used for ads)328131e7-85ae-4de6-a9de-551593956de4
aidmd5hexAdvertiser ID (MD5 hashed)c813571988af97a9ae08dfb6a2dcc85c
aidsha1hexAdvertiser ID (SHA-1 hashed)f9ea67947a1ed7b402c8e84b04cd36f0d525e3d0
appnameApplication NamePandora
appstoreurlApp Store URL<country>/app/<app–name>/id<app-ID>?mt=8
appversionVersion of the app1.2.1
bundleidAn ID for an application used as a domain for storing settings and reference an application
c1Custom value 1 (Must be an aggregable value, impression level IDs cannot be accepted)aaaaaa
c2Custom value 2 (Must be an aggregable value, impression level IDs cannot be accepted)111111
c3Custom value 3 (Must be an aggregable value, impression level IDs cannot be accepted)a1a1a1
c4 - c10Custom values 4 - 10anything passed on c4 - c10
cachebusterA random integer to make requests unique and prevent caching123456789
categoryiabIAB Category ID of the site contentIAB17
connectiontypeInteger value representing type of connection (wifi, 3G, 4G, etc)1
contentidVideo Content ID123456
contentlengthVideo Content Length (seconds)120
contenttitleVideo Content TitleExample Video HD
contenturlVideo Content URL
cookieidUnique user id stored in cookie184002920933901313
cpm(For Account Level Pixels) Passes the winning ad's CPM7.25
creativeidDemand tag unique id177892
dealidDemand deal id123456
devicecategoryThe category of the device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc)Personal Computer
deviceidThe Advertiser ID (on Android) or Apple device ID for Advertisers328131e7-85ae-4de6-a9de-551593956de4 or ac854cf4-c6fe-48e7-af45-a9c812663e97
devicemakeManufacturer of deviceApple
devicemodelModel of deviceiPhone
devicetypeThe Open RTB Device Type: 1=Mobile, 2=Desktop, 3=CTV1
dnntAd Tracking1 for disabled, 0 for enabled
dntDo Not Track0 for disabled, 1 for enabled


Do Not Track (Boolean)True or False
dntynDo Not Track (Yes / No)YES or NO
domainThe domain of the webpage (extracted from the pageurl)
environmentAd Environment (mobile web, mobile app, desktop, connected tv)mobile web
geocountryThe ISO 2 country codeUS
geodmaDMA Code524
georegionThe ISO 2 state/region abbreviationCA
geozipZip Code92679
heightPlayer/Ad Height in pixels400
idfaApple device ID for Advertisers (also referred to as 'ifa')AC854CF4-C6FE-48E7-AF45-A9C812663E97
idfamd5hexApple device ID for Advertisers (MD5 hashed)49bb1a04e061c9c87c51349290606792
idfasha1hexApple device ID for Advertisers (SHA-1 hashed)7a5e7a6eecb77701de5aa3432142ffb8a1d248aa
impressionidUnique ID for this ad instance1737294892842948819
ipThe IP address of the device10.10.10.100
iplocLocation (latitude, longitude) of IP address40.689060,-74.044636
iploclatLocation latitude of IP address40.689060
iploclatr3Location latitude of IP address (rounded to 3 decimal places)40.689
iploclongLocation longitude of IP address-74.044636
iploclongr3Location longitude of IP address (rounded to 3 decimal places)-74.045
ispThe internet service provider of the ip address of the deviceCox Communications
ispcellularThe internet service provider for celluar connections only (blank if wifi connection)Verizon Wireless
locLocation (latitude, longitude) of device40.689060,-74.044636
loclatLocation latitude of device40.689060
loclatr3Location latitude of device (rounded to 3 decimal places)40.689
loclongLocation longitude of device-74.044636
loclongr3Location longitude of device (rounded to 3 decimal places)-74.045
netspeedThe network connection speed of the deviceCable/DSL
orderidDemand order id456789
osplatformThe operating system platform of the deviceAndroid
osversionThe operating system version (major.minor)4.1
osversionmajorThe operating system major version7
osversionminorThe operating system minor version1
pageurlThe page url of the ad (URL encoded)
partnercookieidIf LKQD has a user cookie sync with the ad server and they would like their user id passed on the request123456789ABCDEFG
rtvReal time viewability0 (no), 1 (yes), -1 (unknown)
siteidSupply source unique id328932
timestampThe number of seconds since midnight Jan 1, 19701378775960
timestampgregThe timestamp in Gregorian Calendar Date format2015-03-12%2023%3A51%3A43
useragentThe full user agent stringMozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/36.0.1985.125 Safari/537.36
useridA unique identifier for the user (idfa, aid, cookie based)AEBE52E7-03EE-455A-B3C4-E57283966239
useridsha1A unique identifier for the user (idfa, aid, cookie based) in sha1 base64 formatp8jcAwE2BY+10i18ajfLD5trby0=
useridtypeThe type of identifier used as the userid (idfa,aid,cookie)idfa
widthPlayer/Ad Width in pixels600
widthxheightWidth 'x' Height300x250
wificellThe connection type of the device (wifi or cell)wifi
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