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The Invalid Traffic page allows users to view Invalid Traffic percentages by Supply Source, displayed over time.  

Accessing the Invalid Traffic page

The Invalid Traffic page can be accessed via the Reporting drop down menu.

Filter Options

Data can be filtered by:

  • Date Range 
  • Environment
  • Supply Source
  • Traffic Source

How To Read The Data

  • Each row represents data for a combination of Supply Source and Traffic Source.  If a Supply Source has data for both External traffic sources and Platform Connection traffic sources, the data for that Supply Source will be split into two rows.
  • Each column represents a date.  
  • If included in the date range, the last 2 days from the current date will be shaded in gray. This shading signifies that certain verification data points take up to 48 hours to become fully available. The Invalid Traffic percentages for these days will adjust as data is incorporated.
  • Invalid Traffic percentages color coded in orange represent medium Invalid Traffic.
  • Invalid Traffic percentages color coded in red represent high Invalid Traffic.



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