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The LKQD™ platform provides users with the ability to create, manage, and execute programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals.  Often referred to as ‘Deal ID’, these Programmatic Deals represent a direct pre-arranged deal between a buyer and seller that is executed programmatically via RTB.

Creating a Programmatic Deal

Set your Demand Deal Type to 'Programmatic'

When creating your Demand Deal, select the 'Programmatic' Deal Type.  

Select the Programmatic Type 'Private', the 'Public' deals will be curated by LKQD on your behalf.

Select your Programmatic Buyer

In order to set up a Programmatic Deal, you must have a pre-arrangement with the buyer.  

You can select the appropriate buyer from the Programmatic Buyer drop down menu.

Input the Deal Rate

Input the agreed upon Deal Rate.  Both fixed CPM and dynamic CPM rate types are supported.  

Please note that for fixed rate CPMs this rate represents the gross CPM before Private Deal Fees are deducted.

Get the Programmatic Deal ID

After you have set all the details on your Programmatic Deal, click Save.  

Once the Deal has been saved it will be assigned a Programmatic Deal ID.  You will need to provide this ID to the buyer in order for them to identify that your ad requests are part of the pre-arranged Private Deal.  If the buyer would prefer to use their own Programmatic Deal ID,  please send the LKQD Demand Deal ID and the buyer's Programmatic Deal ID to your Account Manager.

Programmatic Buyer Approval

The approval status will default to pending.  

When the buyer has confirmed with LKQD that the Programmatic Deal is approved, the status will be changed to Approved.  

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