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Filtering Without Selecting Dimensions for Reporting

Filters can be added without selecting a dimension to appear as a column in the report.  All selected dimensions will also be immediately available for filtering. 

To filter by additional dimensions, select them from either the list of suggestions at the bottom of the Filters section or from the complete list in the “Other” drop down.

Filter Out Selected Values by Using the “Exclude” Option

Use the Include / Exclude dropdown to choose whether to include or exclude the selected dimensions in your report.

Filter By Labels

In order to filter by a label, go to the desired entity in the Filters form, type the label into the entity's input field, and select the label once it populates.

Power Filtering

Power filtering options become available by expanding a filter row via the row label (Supply Source in the screenshot below).

Similar to Geo Targeting, the search field supports single or multiple search terms. 

Single Search Terms

When a single word is specified, the results will contain all items that contain the search term anywhere in the list.

Multiple Search Terms

When multiple search terms are entered, the results will match exactly.

Tip: You can click and drag while holding the mouse button in order to select multiple items from the search results.

Removing Filters

To remove individual filtered values, hover over the value and click the “x” that appears on the right side.  To clear all selected values, click the “Deselect All” button below the selected values.

If a filter has been added by mistake, it can be removed by clicking the red “trash” icon after the search field. 

Filters that have been removed can be added back in from either the suggestions list or the “Other” dropdown.  Filters that have been removed will be shown first (left most) in the “Add” suggestions.

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