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As part of LKQD’s commitment to maintaining a transparent marketplace and to ensure brand safety for our buyers, we will be implementing stricter requirements to determine what app traffic will be eligible for the LKQD Marketplace.  All app requests must be properly formatted and all information included in the request must be accurate.  Below is a checklist of potential reasons why an app would be deemed ineligible for the marketplace.

  • The app has a “%” or “+” in the app name
  • The app has no bundle ID associated to the app name
  • The app has no app name associated to the bundle ID
  • The bundle ID is listed as the app name
  • The app name does not match the bundle ID – as listed within the Google Play Store or iOS App Store

If any apps do not follow these guidelines, please reach out to your supply partner to rectify the issue so the supply will continue to be eligible for the marketplace.  

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