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LKQD™ provides viewability data on video impressions where:

  • LKQD™ VPAID or Player publisher tags are used
  • LKQD™ has access to the top level window or can access the top level window via friendly IFrames

Viewability metrics provide insight into the percentage of impressions that are considered in-view by LKQD™'s measurement of the applicable criteria outlined in the MRC Viewable Ad Impression Guidelines.  In general, a video impression is considered viewable if 50% of the advertisement is viewable on the page for 2 consecutive seconds.


Viewability Measured Impressions:  The number of impressions served where viewability was able to be measured.

Viewable Impressions:  The number of impressions that were delivered in-view.

Viewability Measured Rate:  Measurable Impressions / Impressions.  

Measured Rate provides insight into the percentage of overall impressions that are able to be measured for viewability.  

Viewability Rate:  Viewable Impressions / Measured Impressions.  

Viewability Rate provides insight into the percentage of measurable impressions that LKQD™ has determined meet the MRC requirements for viewability.

Web vs App

In a web browser, viewability considers the state of the brower window, the browser tab, and the position of the ad within the viewport.  

For mobile apps using a WebView to display ads, viewability should also consider the state of the WebView.


*This data is not meant to substitute third party viewability vendors OR advertiser data, and should only be used as a guide. LKQD™ has not obtained MRC certification for viewability measurement and is not currently seeking cerfitication.

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