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LKQD Bid Adapter for Prebid.js


LKQD is a partner in the open source Prebid library, with a custom adapter included to make the SSP available for header bidding.

To get started with the LKQD bid adapter you can make your own build from the Prebid repository or include LKQD as a Bidder Adapter in a download release of Prebid version 1.16.0 or greater.


The LKQD Bidder Adapter expects Prebid Cache to be enabled so that we can store and retrieve a single vastXml. If you do not have your own cache server please use the default option below:

	usePrebidCache: true,
	cache: {
		url: ''


There are numerous parameters which can be passed through for the adapter to relay to the adserver. In addition to width and height (which are transmitted through the `sizes` array), parameters can be added on the `params` object for the associated LKQD bid.

The values used to populate mandatory parameters siteId and placementId will be received as sid and pid from your integration with the LKQD Ad Platform. These two values are specifically required to associate your account with the ad desired to run in this slot.

Additional parameters are supported and some are required so please note this in the list below:

ParameterRequired?Default ValueAccepted ValuesDescriptionExample Value
INT (assigned by LKQD UI)Publisher ID representing the LKQD account the tag was generated from.
INT (assigned by LKQD UI)Supply Source ID representing the LKQD Supply Source the tag was generated from.
outputyessvpaidvast | svpaidRepresents the type of demand the player is able to receive. Typically 'vast' is used for non-VPAID compliant placements.svpaid
playinityesautoauto | userRepresents if the placement is an auto-initiated or user-initiated
INTWidth, in pixels, of the player requesting an ad.640
INTHeight, in pixels, of the player requesting an ad.360
volumeno100<INT, range 0 to 100>Starting volume of the ad (if not muted for autoplay).100
pageurlyes (if web)

The domain of the page on which the delivered ad will be
appnameyes (if app)

The app name of the application the ad will be rendered in.myapp123
bundleidyes (if app)

The bundle ID of the application the ad will be rendered
aidrecommended (if app)

The Android Advertising ID of the application the ad will be rendered in.328131e7-85ae-4de6-a9de-551593956de4
idfarecommended (if app)

The Apple Advertising ID of the application the ad will be rendered in.AC854CF4-C6FE-48E7-AF45-A9C812663E97
0 | 1Whether or not the ad will be running in an environment that needs to comply with GDPR requirements1
<string>GDPR Consent String
executionnoanyany | instream | outstream | interstitial | inbannerProvides information regarding the type of ad placement the ad will be loading intoinstream

ID representing the placement's video content123456

The title of the placement's video content.


The length, in seconds, of the video's content.120

The URL to the placement's video

Ad Unit Template

To add LKQD:

var videoAdUnit = [
	code: 'video1',
	sizes: [
		[380, 260],
		[640, 480]
	bids: [{
		bidder: 'lkqd',
		params: {
			siteId: ######,
			placementId: ###,


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