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LKQD takes an aggressive stance against any form of fraudulent, manipulated, or misrepresented traffic on the LKQD platform.

It is each account's responsibility to vet, monitor, and remove any supply sources engaging in invalid traffic activity. Violations that are not addressed by users will be dealt with by LKQD according to the Invalid Traffic Protection program outlined below.

ITP Overview

The LKQD Invalid Traffic Protection (ITP) program is designed to help protect LKQD platform partners from suspicious and malicious traffic.  It is required by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for certified platforms to implement and maintain an Invalid Traffic filtering program. In addition, this program will help to prevent LKQD clients from experiencing collection issues associated with invalid traffic as well as provide buying and selling confidence when working with partners on the LKQD Platform. 


LKQD's ITP program follows the guidelines written by the MRC in cooperation with the IAB and MMA.  For more information you may read the full guideline specification here:

How We Detect Invalid Traffic

LKQD looks at hundreds of data points across billions of opportunities daily.  This data is examined in aggregate and LKQD can spot trends that are outside of normal human user activity.  We follow the MRC's IVT guidelines for both GIVT and SIVT level traffic detection practices.  This includes, but is not limited to traffic identified through routine means of filtration executed through application of lists or with other standardized parameter checks as well as the use of advanced analytics and multi-point corroboration/coordination to analyze and identify invalid traffic sources.   In addition, we partner with industry-leading IVT and SIVT vendors to validate our findings and we encourage all LKQD clients concerned about IVT to utilize our verification integrations and partner with these vendors for comprehensive detection and reporting.  



Per the MRC IVT guidelines, Publishers that have been negatively impacted by significant negative invalid traffic findings (whether by General or Sophisticated detection) may make inquiries of measurement organizations aimed at understanding detection results, but responses to these should not contain details that may jeopardize detection methods in the future.

LKQD complies with this policy and will only share details to the extent we feel comfortable that the information will not jeopardize detection methods.  In some cases, this means no information will be shared regarding detection methods, details, or specific examples.


LKQD Policy Details

What does this mean for your LKQD account?

The LKQD platform helps protect you from invalid traffic sources in a variety of ways depending on the invalid rate. 

  • Supply sources with a confirmed invalid rate of 30% or more will be blocked by LKQD unless the traffic is under further investigation or is already eligible for an integrated pre-bid verification vendor service to automatically block.
  • Supply sources with an invalid rating under 30% are at the discretion of the account owner, however the LKQD Marketplace may not be eligible for this inventory if it has any IVT.  Suspicious traffic may be temporarily blocked while it is under further investigation.

Accounts with repeat offenses of re-entering, re-submitting, or re-building invalid supply sources under the same name or a newly created name will be subject to actions including but not limited to suspension or cancellation of their account.

*Disclaimer:  Although the Invalid Traffic Protection program is designed to help protect account owners from invalid traffic sources, there are no guarantees that the program will stop all invalid traffic.  Account owners are strongly encouraged to verify their supply sources, use 3rd party tools to detect suspicious activity, and constantly monitor supply sources for signs of invalid traffic.  In no way will LKQD be held responsible for a billing dispute between an account's supply source and an account's advertiser due to un-detected invalid traffic. This program should be used as additional guidance, and not a sole source of protection.



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